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Title: Words
Author: Jicky / Agent Jet
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Cassandra Cain (Batgirl)
Authors notes: Hi, guys! *waves* This is my first post to this community so I hope you like it... and stuff. This is exactly 100 words, so chocolate to Batgirl - she needs it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing used in this fanfiction.

Cass doesn’t really like speaking, even though she knows how now. Spoiler was always talking, even when she didn’t have anything to say, but Cass likes to have purpose or she says the wrong things.

Words are so imprecise.

She thinks that they’re meant to be. Because people (like Tim-Robin) don’t like other people to know them. It frustrates her because she sees him and no one else does.

What confuses her the most, though, is when people say one thing and mean another.

People say, “make a killing,” and she thinks of a little girl with shinny black shoes.

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