Jicky (agent_jet) wrote in comicbook100,

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Title: Mix ‘n’ match
Author: Jicky / Agent Jet
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Harley Quinn
Disclaimer: I own nothing used in this fanfiction.

Harley Quinn had never really hated anyone before. Not like she hated Batman, who was nasty and mean and always messed up their plans.

Harley had never really loved anyone before either. Not like she loved Mista J who protected her and loved her and made her safe.

Sometimes, though, when Mista J was in Arkham without her, when she was cold, wet and miserable out on the streets of Gotham, when life didn’t seem so funny anymore and she wanted to go back to being Dr. Quinzel, she wondered if it wasn’t Batman she loved and Joker she hated.

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