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Changeover (Bruce/Dick, after a fashion, rated PG)

It's way late, but I realized this fit the most recent challenge.

Title: Changeover
Author: rubynye
Fandom: DC Comics, specifically petronelle and jamjar's Millionaireverse.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Bruce/Dick. in a couple of different ways.
Warnings: slash, identity porn
Disclaimer: DC's property, Petra and Jamjar's idea, my drabble.

It might have been the drink he let Malone buy him. Or maybe he's just off his game. But Dick spends patrol not feeling like, well, Nightwing, and he keeps glancing across the Gotham sky for -- what? Bruce? Batman? That familiar face worn by someone he doesn't know at all?

When he climbs through Bruce Wayne's window, the playboy's cheerful smile makes Dick grin with relief and grit his teeth in frustration. He pulls his gloves off with his mouth, relaxing into showing off, and reaches for Bruce's hair... and it's wet under his hands.

"Why, darling," Bruce purrs, "you're trembling."
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